where are your incubators located

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    I was wondering where some of you have your incubators. I have an old Leahy bator that is in my bedroom fits perfectly in the corner behind the closet door and its out of the way.
    The other one is out in the barn in my hatch out room we are calling it. But wondering if that is a good place for it specially when summer really gets here. I can bring it in the house if i need to. Have a spot for it to go in my kitchen and it will be out of the way as well.


    I have some eggs put to the side for incubating. do any of you do anything special with your eggs before you put them in your bator. Last year I just collected them and put them in the bator and hoped for the best. LOL
    This year I have them in an egg cart point side down and they are in a cabinet in my utility room. Should I be doing anything with them before placing them in the bator?[​IMG]
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    I put my incubator in my basement. My temps down there stay pretty consistent year round, so I don't have to worry about fiddling with the temp (when I had it upstairs one year I had too much of a temp fluctuation with our wood stove).

    If I am saving eggs out to hatch I put them in an egg crate in my cellar way...the temp is cooler than my main level of my house, so I won't have to worry about them starting to develop (above 70 degrees F they can start developing on their own...) and I flip the carton over a few times a day to prevent sticking.

    Good luck on hatching! It's probably my favorite thing to do....besides watching the chickies after they are hatched!

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