Where can i buy these ingrediants?


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL 32210
What is Aragonite? Is it a mineral supplement? Where do you get it?

Does the premix you are asking about have all 9 ingredients mixed together? Have you heard about a mix like this or just hoping to find one?

Cindy in PA

14 Years
Jul 8, 2008
Fleetwood, PA
Aragonite is a form of calcium added to feed. Most of the premix ingredients can be bought from a supplier of the Fertrell company (www.fertrell.com) in PA or from Countryside Naturals in VA. Fertrell has a list of their dealers on their website. If you read Harvery Ussery's follow up to this article, he later dropped some of the supplements & quit grinding the grains, but his flock free ranges most of the time. I'm finally going to try a simpler list of ingredients for a whole grain ration for my chickens. I'm going with peas, oats, wheat, fish meal & nutri balancer. You will have to look around locally for peas or order from a place like Countryside. The Fertrell dealer near me makes soy-free feed, so I now have access to peas. He gets organic peas from North Dakota. Hope this helps.

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