where can I find info on buying and caring for egg laying chickens in Palm beach County, FL?


Jun 16, 2022
where can I find info on buying and caring for egg laying chickens in Palm beach county are they legal to have in Palm beach gardens?
You can start with your Palm Beach Ordinances
You will imediately find that Palm Beach is hostile to pets.
Sec. 10-8. - Raising or boarding of animals or fowl.
The raising or boarding of animals or fowl is prohibited except where boarding is incidental to the operation of a veterinarian's office.

(Ord. No. 9-96, § 1(4-9), 5-14-96)

Sec. 10-9. - Keeping certain animals prohibited; exceptions.
No person shall keep, possess, feed or maintain any live animal within the town other than domesticated household pets or domesticated animals. Domesticated household pets or domesticated animals may be kept, possessed and maintained as household pets within the town so long as they are kept, possessed and maintained in compliance with the provisions of this chapter provided these household pets do not constitute a nuisance to neighbors because of excessive noise or odors. Proper sanitary measures shall be observed and followed at all times in connection with the keeping, maintaining, feeding or possessing of such pets. This provision shall not preclude the feeding and maintaining of feral cat colonies permitted and authorized by the town as part of an authorized program specifically designated by the town council for the control and regulation of feral cats within the town.

(Ord. No. 9-96, § 1(4-3), 5-14-96; Ord. No. 9-03, § 1, 2-11-03; Ord. No. 7-08, § 1, 4-8-08)

NO, you can't claim Gallus Gallus Domesticus is a domesticated animal or household pet. See the Definitions section.

Domesticated household pets or domesticated animals means dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and turtles, but shall not include livestock or exotic or wild animals which would require a permit from the state allowing such animals to be sold or possessed.

Keep, possess or maintain means possession of animals described in this chapter for any length of time within the corporate limits of the town and shall not be limited to keeping, possessing or maintaining such animals as household pets.

Livestock means all animals of the equine, bovine or swine class, and includes, but is not limited to, goats, sheep, mules, horses, hogs, pigs, cattle and domesticated poultry.

and your City Ordinances for Palm Beach Gardens
Per Zoning, its permited in zones AR (Agricultural Residential), and Conditional in zone AE (Agricultural Estate). Otherwise, NO.
Depends on where you are in Palm Beach County. I’m in Northwood and nearly everyone on my street has them and it’s been a thing since the beginning of time
Where are you located? I see most of W.Palm its illegal, but I know my neighborhood is considered county not city so still haven't found the answer.
I'm in an unicorporated county area so that does not apply to my location....but its hard to find a hatchery being that close. I looked in the Florida forum and still haven't found any anywhere close enough.

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