Where can I get a quail egg cutter at a reasonable price?


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9 Years
Oct 24, 2010
Anybody know where I can buy or order a quail egg cutter at a reasonable price? I'm talking about the kind seen in this video:

I've got a ton of Bobwhite and Coturnix eggs I'd like to eat and use for cooking but breaking them open with a knife takes forever and it's hard not to get bits of shell everywhere. After watching videos of the egg cutters in action they look like a perfect solution.

So far I've only found them for sale online in two places: here for $23.95 ($10.95 + $13.20 s&h) and here for $19.99 ($10.98 + $9.01 s&h) but they don't ship out for 2 weeks. This seems waayyy overpriced so I figured I'd ask on here to see if anyone knows where to get them any cheaper or even if anyone has an extra pair to sell.
i just have the one pair, i got it from korin. i know its kinda a pain to pay that much, but i'm telling ya, you won't be dissapointed. pay the money and save yourself hours and frustration on opening eggs.

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