Where can I get DE?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
Local feed store doesn't have it. Where can i get it from? I'll order online if I have to.
Is there any other feed stores in your area? I asked my feed store people and they ordered it for me, a 50 lb bag for 24$. It is supposed to come in friday, so I am pretty happy. If one of their suppliers carries it, usually the sore owners will be happy to order it for you.

I love my feed store people, they help me with anything I need, so a nice high five for Andrea's -Deleon Feed Store, you guys are the best
If I put DE in my chicken feed, will it cut down on the number of maggots in the manure ?

My hens are all caged to keep them away from predators and out of the neighbor's yards. The manure falls through the wire, to be collected later and taken out of the shed. The maggots are VERY numerous. I am trying to keep the fly population down.
Hopefully someone else can answer this for you too, but I think to keep maggots away, you have to keep it dry. DE dries out the manure and kills soft bodied insects. I think if you spread the DE over the bedding and where the manure collects it would definitely help!

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