Where can I purchase bantam *pullets*


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I have a tiny backyard with room for a tiny coop and tiny chickens. And, I cannot take the risk of ending up with a rooster (I am aware that mypetchicken will sell female bantam chicks, but as I understand it, this is still an art not a science (and even more so, when dealing with the teeny-tiny private parts of a bantam chick)). Sadly, I searched high and low on the interwebs, and it seems that nobody sells bantam pullets.

Does anybody know if there is a hatchery/breeder/farm/kind individual out there that sells quality bantam pullets?

Many thanks.
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Cackle sells some sexed bantams. As mentioned My Pet Chicken does also. It's possible that the only breeds they offer as bantam pullets are autosexing (barred, crele, etc).

http://www.cacklehatchery.com/bantam2.html The second assortment package down is their "bantam pullet deal" and lists the breeds and colors available. They have videos of the breeder flocks for most breeds, so you will have a general idea of the quality of their stock.

If you want quality birds, ie. not hatchery, your choices will still likely be limited to autosexing breeds as I doubt many breeders will sex bantams
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