Where can I take a roo to be processed?

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Mar 19, 2014
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While we thought we had only pullets, we did get a roo and the neighbors are complaining. I don't want to do the deed myself and I've tried for two weeks to rehome him with no luck. So where do I call to have him processed before the city steps in? A butcher? I'm at a loss...
It can be hard to find someone else to do it... About the ad that you have up, have you tried craigslist? Also I don't know what your ad is like, but the wording may be weeding out a few people who would want to eat him. So if you indicate that he would be good with his own flock or as dinner, you may get better results from your ad than if you indicate you're looking for a forever home for him.

Aside from craigslist, do you have any friends who hunt? They might be willing to help you out.
Small scale poultry processing is tough - most places don't want to touch poultry because of salmonella - they have to use different equipment than on everything else - and these places typically make most of their money with large livestock, or hunter kills - changing out all their equipment to do a single $6 chicken just isn't worth it.

Everyone who wants to home a rooster already has one - you should be looking for someone who wants to eat one. The meat is payment for doing the work, and getting the bird out of your yard.
Well, first, I'm going to be a bit defensive. I was promised a pullet and these are my first ever chickens. I had no idea, till I did, that it was a roo. Second, I did advertise him as either pet or plate. A very nice couple took him and one of my pullets to keep as pets on a nice piece of property. I'm quite happy.

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