Where did all my eggs go?

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    Mar 14, 2015
    I have six chickens I got this spring as chicks. This summer they were on a roll and giving us six eggs a day! About 4 weeks ago we noticed a decrease in production and for the last two weeks we have NO EGGS! What's up? I know the weather and light has changed. I did notice an increase of feathers in the coop, so I thought they might be molting but they are less than a year old. What gives? They seem healthy and happy! Help!
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    There are some things you can do to try to increase the production. First of all, make sure they always have food and water. Also, make sure there is enough light in the coop. It also could be a space issue. If there is not enough space, they will not lay. I have also heard feeding whole corn helps.
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    Do you free range? Might be laying out in range area.
    They could be molting, had a 9 month old molt last winter.
    Not all first year layers will lay all winter without supplemental light.

    What breed are they?

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