Where did all my eggs go?

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    Hi all,

    I have 17 pullets/hens that were hatched Feb. 1. So they're,...36 weeks old. They started laying at around 20 weeks, and within 3-4 weeks I was getting 12-14 eggs a day, every day. I was SO pleased and impressed!

    For the past 6 weeks or so I'm getting 4-7 or 8 a day. It has gotten cooler, I know the days are shorter, but....I miss all those eggs. I've done a lot of research here on the boards using the 'search' feature; I read about giving more artificial light, but can't do that at this time.

    if let totally to nature, (no artificial light) will it be spring/summer before they start laying as much as before?

    I have also fed them cooked oatmeal with red pepper flakes but not consistently. Maybe a couple of times a week, only 3 times so far. Should I do this more often?

    Any suggestions, advice, comments appreciated. These are my first chickens; my mom had chickens, my grandma had chickens but all I ever did with theirs was help gather eggs. These are my first ones that are mine to take care of.

    SECOND Question:

    Will the size of the eggs get any larger than they are now, at 9 months? These are Black Australorps and I was expecting large to extra large brown eggs. I would say that right now they mostly are medium to almost large. So I'm wondering if the eggs will get bigger. At what age is a chicken considered "grown?"


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    Often when they slow down at this time of year they will stay at that level til spring -- or stop for a molt. But Australorps often lay well all year. Usually you don't get the really largest eggs til after their first heavy molt at around 1.5 years.

    Most breeds are "grown" around one ear old, but some take longer to mature fully.

    You might want to read this thread, too:

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    I have never not used light, but you would be surprised how even with light, laying seems to pick up immediately after December 21st. Maybe not like spring, but you should notice a difference pretty quick. Only problem is that that is over 2 months away.
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