where did the eggs go?

chicken adobo

6 Years
Jul 31, 2013
I have a 6 month old black sex link who has been laying since she was 5 months old. A couple days ago she stopped laying and started looking lost and confused and only comes out of the coop once a day and doesn't want to leave the nesting box. Ive been told shes(egg bound)? is this correct and what do i do?
yes same thing happened to my hen she keep trying to lay and my other is making alarming sound to let me know, yes she is egg bound
trying doing this: put warm water in a box with air holes place the hen in there. make sure it has plenty of light. leave the hen for abt 30 mins. after that get the hen out and make sure shes dry and massage the area between the top of her legs. there should be a lump which is the egg. once dried keep her seperated from the flock. and let her be focused on laying. but keep repeating the process until the egg goes soft.

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