Where do I buy 2" by 4" wire and Hardware cloth.............

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    for a good price?

    I am only getting $140 a week at my job. I am planning on making at least 3 breeding/broody pens inside this 8' by 10' stall inside my coop. It used to be my chicken coop until we made a safer coop. + it will be a better and warmer place for my chickens to roost in the winter. But I need that kind of wire to keep them safe from predators.

    I'm gonna use chicken wire to seperate the chickens from one another. Not to make the pens itself.

    I am gonna use the pens for breeding pens when I want purebred eggs from my RIR's, breeding RSL's, & breeding BSL's. I will also use 1 of them for my Barred Japanese bantam cockeral Salt and a barred Jap pullet if I can find one.
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    Quote:Regular chicken wire is a lot cheaper than hardware cloth . Screen door wire is not real expensive , not the best for protection , but maybe you could double it . Look at Hardwireman .com I think is the sight , but shipping cost is horrible . The wire you want is going to be expensive .
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