Where do I buy diatomaceous earth?

Swimming Pool Supplys! It is used for a filtering media.
I forgot to add...
Be careful when pouring it out of the bag. Diatoms are microscopic skeletons of sea creatures that lived millinnea ago. It isn't really "Earth" and it's not good to breathe it in.
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That's the wrong kind of DE. You need to get Food Grade DE. The kind for swimming pools will not work.
I'm sorry!
I didn't know there is a food grade.
Swimming Pool Supplys! It is used for a filtering media.

This would be the wrong kind!! Never buy it from a swimming poor supply store. Go to custummilling.com DE should be PURE white not tan and should be safe enough for YOU to eat

If you have and haven't had bad luck with it, consider yourself lucky and stop while ahead.

The food grade is the only thing safe for your flock.

I get mine from a ritzy dog food store that carries natural pet foods and supplies- you might look for a place like that.

It's about $15 for 5#.
Swimming pool DE will probably work to deter bugs and for general spreading around the place.

But you dont want to eat it. Neither should birds or animals.
That sort is treated with heat and chemicals and so is not something you want to consume. In small quantities, like with a general dusting to control insects, it probably presents no major problems. Sometimes we tend to blow things out of proportion....

But, because it is chemically treated, there exists the admonition to use only food grade DE. It is completely inert and there are no toxicity worries over it's presence, or it's use. It can be fed to your animals to prevent internal parastites and indeed you can eat it, too. So to avoid potential problems, it is the best sort to have.
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Sorry - Didn't mean to jump on you:rolleyes:

We are all learning. I just found out on BYC that our local Lowe's carries food grade DE. It's also available on the internet, but can cost more to ship than to buy.

Good luck:D

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