Where Do You Store Eggs Prior to Incubation?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by drdoolittle, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I was wondering where everyone else keeps their eggs before incubation. They are supposed to be stored at 50 degrees, but I didn't know where to put mine and just stored them at room temp. I set them in a LG incubator on Sunday night, candled quite a few this morning, and I think they may all be infertile. Should I continue incubating, or toss them all and start over with new eggs? They were only stored for about 3 days, tops.

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    Did you turn them at least once a day while you had them at room temp? I know that is important. Many people use auto turners while storing. I put mine in my un-heated basement and stored eggs while I collected more for 5 days. My basement is 62 degs and humidity was higher than the rest of my house. I rotated/turned once a day and they All hatched on day 20.
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    I store all of my eggs in a cool part of my house. Usually in the basement. I put them in egg cartons, pointy end down, and turn once a day. I try to never hold them longer than one week. If these were my eggs, I'd give them a couple more days and candle again. If they still appear to be infertile, throw them out and start over.
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    Thanks for the info. I did not know they had to be turned while they were stored. I will check them again on Sunday.

  6. Good detailed info about incubating, hatching and storing eggs. Texas A&M
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    You will find just as many people on here that will tell you they don't have to be turned. You turn them while developing so that they don't "stick". What is the purpose of turning them they start to develop? I didn't turn mine, and they were fine. In fact, I tried to handle/move them as little as possible. I individually wrapped them in plastic to prevent drying out and placed them pointy side down in a carton. I placed the carton in the coolest room in our house in a dark area. I collected for 14 days. None of the eggs over 10 days old hatched, one of them never started developing. For my current bunch in the incubator, I just did and assortment, so I only kept eggs for a couple of days. I kept them in the garage as it was the right temp and some got left at room temp over night. I have 32 of 36 start to develop. A couple have stopped since, but most are looking really good.

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