Where do your chickens hide their eggs?

Apr 29, 2020
Casper, Wyoming
I know that many of you have found hidden eggs at one point. Where did your poultry hide them and how many eggs did you find in the nest?

Our White Leghorn, Patty escaped our run and ran into our barn to lay eggs in a box of wires way at the back of the workbench. She couldn’t get back into the run after so she would free range. After looking very hard for a long while we found her “nest” it had ten eggs in it.

We emptied the box and put it in the nest box she now lays in it every day. :)
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Oh man, just everywhere. I've had a hen go broody in an open bag of "mosquito bits", the stuff you spread in the yard to kill mosquitos, in the barn. Another broody in a cat carrier in the barn. And another broody under a car we dont use.

At some point someone was laying eggs in a planter right next to the front door, which was nice. Someone else eventually laid them in the same spot after the planter was gone (not sure why we moved it). & someone used to lay in the window box planter.

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