Where do your hens sleep?


6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
Glasgow, Scotland
I've 3 hens. Flora (who is the only one laying yet) and Ginger (a 20 week old) both sleep in a nesting box although not together. Rocky sleeps on the roost. Is ths normal? I would've expected them to sleep on the roost together.
Are your roosts higher than your nest boxes? Chickens generally like to roost/sleep at the highest point possible.
It's not unusual - if you'd rather they didn;t sleep in the nest box (since it can get messy with poop), try going in for a few nights just after dusk and moving them from the nest box to the roost.
I agree with auscal.... but yes chickens have different personalities... some of mine roost... some on the ground. . Some on lower roosts...

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