Where does Lice come from and is there something I can feed my chickens to ward them off?


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May 31, 2011
Warrenton, Virgina
So I recently came home and found out at least 1 of my hens has lice... I'm going to go examine my other pens and birds from my main/ laying flock to see who has it. I am extremely frustrated because I had just treated them all for lice about 3 months ago
. Sprayed their bedding, replaced the bedding, sprayed the walls, replaced the layer boxes with metal ones, sprayed the entire coop, you name it I did it. Even put out diatamatious earth out for them (which they refused to use). Most of the chicks look great with fluffy feathers except for 3 which I haven't even caught yet to check. They were the ones that got me suspicious. I had treated everyone with Permethrin 10 spraying each individual hen all over. I was sure I got every single lice. Apparently not... The only new birds I had introduced were a few days ago which I had quarantined for 2.5 weeks. They haven't even mingled with my main flock yet and I checked them head to toe for lice and they didn't have it. They also haven't been here long enough to infect any one even if they had it. I had read articles saying that wild birds can bring in lice. Would finches and pigeons carry it? Also I have free roaming guineas could they be the culprits? I am at my wits end because I have no idea where the lice is coming from!!!
Is there a particular area they are found in? Is there a plant or food I can give the chickens to help prevent it? I'm half tempted to put flea collars on them! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You must treat your entire flock for lice/mites. Use poultry dust on every bird and clean all runs, coops and roosts, don't go easy on the sanitation.

They come from the ground, sometimes new animals like chickens or little sparrows. Not your fault but the poultry dust kills the bugs and prevents them, do the whole thing again ten days after the first application.
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