Where is my frizzle cochin?


7 Years
Apr 14, 2012
We bought a 3 month old Great Pyrenees. We love her, but two of our beloved chickens have gone missing. I know, I know. She cannot be trusted. I heard that after the first was killed. She was not in the same area with the chickens, but they went to her side of the barn. Which Maci could not have gotten to. The second was by accident, but I am not sure if she killed it. She has no blood on her, no feathers left behind, no carcass, no little frizzle cochin. Is it possible that she did not kill it and a hawk came and got it? Thanks for the advice. This has been a learning curve for sure.
It is possible that a hawk got her. I'm sorry for your loss :( I have 3 little frizzles. I love them.
I think if the dog got your chicken there would be signs of it. feathers, a partialy eaten or parts of chicken...(sorry to be so graphic) is sounds more like a 'hit and fly' type of problem...I would look to the sky and see if you have hawks..or even eagles around. I would still really watch the new dog too. they don't know any better and a dog that size doesn't know it's own strength sometimes. I would think a pup that age would 'play' with a chicken..not a vacuum cleaner suck every trace of a chicken assault crime.
Dogs are not that neat. You would have found feet and feathers, maybe the (sorry, gross) head.. The problem with bantams is that they are such easy prey for hawks. :-(. Check with your neighbors to see if they have seen anything....either a lurking hawk, or a body part. Hawks sometimes carry their prey to a safer place to eat. I lost a bantie to a hawk, and found Pansy's head on my neighbor's front walk way. She later told me " oh, yeah, there was a hawk in that bush every day! It was always flying down, trying to catch them." Grrrrr. Good luck, and I am so sorry. My frizzles and silkies were so sweet.
Good news is that my little frizzle reappeared. I have no idea where she had been hiding, but she is safe and well. I was so happy to see her fluffy body!!!
I'm glad your frizzle is back! Did the other two just dissapear also,or was there evidence of a struggle?

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