Where is the best place to purchase shipped keets?


Crooked Creek Poultry
8 Years
Sep 20, 2011
So my hatch didn't go well at all. Out of 30 eggs I have two living keets. I need guineas to keep the snake population down on my 30 acres. DH HATES snakes and we have lots of copperheads this year. So I looked at cackle and they have some 'not so pretty' colors but if worst comes to worst I will order from them.

Anyone know of a breeder that ships keets, if not what about a hatchery that offers nice colors and nice stock? I'd like at least 10 keets and at the most 30.
Thanks, I ordered 30 keets from McMurry hatchery, they had a variety package where I would get 3 different colors min so I went with it. Now they need to grow fast and start catching snakes. They are due to ship on 7/2

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