Where is the water going?

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  1. gale65

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    This is the waterer we use: http://www.tractorsupply.com/chicken-equipment/millside-3-gal-plastic-poultry-fountain-2167492

    I fill it almost full (I put 2.5 gallon in-that's what I can carry easily) once every 6-7 days. Last time was Monday and at the time, I separated the base from the tray and cleaned in between. I reattached them and filled it like normal. The next day it was all wet around the waterer. The tray was not full so it wasn't leaking that way. I took the waterer out and put it in the run in case it kept doing it. Today there is only about a gallon of water left in it and the tray is still not full. So it can't be leaking because of the top not being on tight or the gasket being bad-otherwise it would be leaking out the tray. So where is the water going? Do you think I put a hairline crack in when I was separating the pieces? I've had it since the beginning of July. Would it be going bad already?

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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Gale........I bought the 2 gal metal one TSC sells and let me tell you the chickens are vociferous drinkers. I put in 2 gal of water and 2 days later I do it again. My water trough is not full either, and never is. But I have noticed the less water in the the bell the less water is forces out. I guess not enough 'water pressure' to force it out.

    But I was floored at how water they do drink. Two gal in 2 days for 8 chickens to me is a lot.
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    I have a few plastic waterers, check the base to make sure there isn't a crack. Usually happens in the winter.
    Or, they could just be drinking it. Any chance the neighborhood deer and turkeys aren't stopping by for a drink?
    Even the dogs will use it if it's convienient...
  4. Fred's Hens

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    Do a test.

    First, give your birds a pan from which they can drink while you test the fountain.

    Fill the fountain and set it in your garage or laundry room somewhere. After 4 hours, look to see if there is water all over the floor. Sometimes water leaks in the cook can be "hidden" by the soil, litter, etc.

    Put that waterer on a smooth, dry, hard surface and if it is leaking, you'll see water. Many of the various kinds of fountains, plastic and metal start leaking. Hate it, but it happens far too often.
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    Nothing else could get to it. Well, nothing that can't get through a 2x4" opening, that is. If they're suddenly drinking that much I think I'd worry because before, 2.5 gallon would last them at least 4 days even in the summer, and has been lasting at least 6 days. I don't have a pan but I am going to take a closer look at it today and see if I can find a crack. In the meantime I think I'll go get a different one today. I wanted a backup anyway.

    eta: I'm trying to avoid buying the metal one. For one thing, I've tried those kind (a long time ago) and remember having a lot of trouble getting it closed after a while and also, we use ACV in the water and I don't want to have to quit.
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    I had one similar to that and if they are not level they will continue to empty water into the trough. They work but must be on a level surface
  7. gale65

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    But the thing is, the trough isn't full. It's only the depth of the little hole that empties into it. So I know for sure that if it is leaking, it has to be a crack or hole in the bottom tray (or trough). I went out and the only water now is in the tray itself. I'll buy a new one today and then I can test the old but I think it's trash. Maybe when I separated the base from the white part it cracked. I can't imagine it because I'm barely strong enough to rip cardboard but maybe I moved it just right (or just wrong). I don't know how else you're supposed to wash that part in between the two pieces.

  8. gale65

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    I couldn't find any crack in the base at all. If it's leaking it has to be there, because if it was in the white part the trough/tray would have been full to the top. So it must be a teensy weensy crack or something. I'll look more closely after I get it out of the run. I can't concentrate on it in there because they kept jumping at me. Apparently they thought I was holding out on the treats or something. [​IMG]
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    Here's my set up. I keep two feeders & two waterers in here. See the small waterer on the ground the 16 pullets drink it dry everyday.Chickens drink alot of water.[​IMG]
  10. 1muttsfan

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    I would put it in a bucket overnight, they don't drink after dark and if there is water in the bottom of the bucket then you know for sure it is leaking.

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