Where should I buy turkey eggs

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by deshet, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Should I buy eggs or buy the birds?
    It seems like the eggs that I have found are ridiculously priced.

    I don't want six turkey and I have to buy a minimum of six if I go to the local feed store.

    I would like a quiet meat breed that isn't a good flyer, any suggestions.

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    Buying hatching eggs is a gamble unless you are getting them locally. Shipped eggs can have a hatch rate from 0% and up. The closer the source is to you, the better the hatching rate should be. Getting them locally pretty much eliminates the ability to get hatching eggs for the broad breasted varieties that meets your requirements of a quiet meat breed that isn't a good flyer.

    There are several hatcheries that do sell broad breasted (BB) hatching eggs. Ebay is not the place to look for broad breasted hatching eggs.

    One place for reasonable prices on BB hatching eggs or day old poults is Valley of the Moon Poults. Click on download PDF to see their available varieties and prices.

    In my experience most local feed stores may require a minimum order if the poults are being ordered but that requirement does not apply to purchasing poults from the ones that they get in for general sale.

    There are often others around that also don't want to purchase more than a few poults which brings up a couple of options. Either get someone to go in with you on a poult order or order in poults and then immediately sell the ones that you don't want.

    Good luck.

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