Where should windows (ventilation) go on a 4x8 hen house?


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Hi everyone, My enclosed run is 8'x12' with an elevated 4'x8' hen house inside of that space. My question is, where do I put windows in the hen house? How high up on the walls?

The top of the hen house is completely open (secured with half inch hardware cloth) then the metal roof is sloped above that with about an 8" air gap in between.

I want to put in some hinged plexiglass windows so we can see inside the henhouse, and for additional ventilation so I can leave the windows open during warm weather.

So what is the best height to put the windows? Above the roost so a draft won't hit the birds at night? Or is that stupid because then the windows are too close to the open top? And if they're up too high it will be hard to see in.

Near floor level to get a "chimney effect" going?

Or am I overthinking this and just put them in the middle? :)

Below your roost in a perfect world. That way it will keep a direct draft off your birds when they roost. My window in the doors of my 4x8 coop that provide ventilation could have been a bit lower in a perfect world. That being said my birds survived with -40º temperatures with no heat or light or electricity. I still got enough eggs to supply the table for the most part.

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Yeah, in SW Ohio, heat could be a threat, though with that high ventilation you are in good shape. In the summer a light breeze hitting them is not a problem at all. A thunderstorm blowing through could be exciting but that’s not the end of the world. It’s colder weather where they need draft protection.

What I suggest is put in a window where you can see in easily. That can be roost height, no big deal, but below the roost is really good. What’s stopping you from putting two? Another one down low for that chimney effect. It’s better if that one down low is not on the sunny side, pulling in heated air, though that’s better than nothing.
You are probably right Ridgerunner what you are saying makes perfect sense.

That being said my coop does have a few air leaks even though it is insulated with 2 inch Styrofoam. It has been working well for me no ammonia smell or frostbite on the combs of my birds. With that in mind for the number of birds I am keeping and not having any issues.
If it is not broken why fix it??

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