where to build coop/house?

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9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
I have a small temporary coop that was put together out of scrap materials we had.

When I free range my roos, they ussually hang around the old shed.
After dark when I go out to move them back to their coop, they have been roosting on the back porch near the door.

Should I clean up the shed and make a coop off that? If I do decide to get more chickens, it is fairly good sized.

Or should I build a small house for them up on the porch?
Make a coop out of the shed. Re making buildings into chicken coops is always fun and half the work is done for you!
I was half thinking that, but also thinking that they seem to feel "safer" up on the porch at nite.
but wont they feel safe once the shed is redone? Plus you wont have the smell and flies that close to the house.
Don't forget that you have to consider predators. (May not be as big of a problem where you live) I would pick the most secure place.
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