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    Aug 9, 2010
    After MUCH preparation, I took last Friday off to be first in line to buy newly arrived chicks at the farm store. Chickens are really a hot commodity in my area right now so, based on what they told me, I showed up 30 minutes before they opened to get an Easter Egger and a Cuckoo Maran. They came outside and said "are you here for the chicks?" Yes. "They all arrived dead!!" I was heartbroken.

    I found another store in another local town that had a few chicks. I got the Easter Egger (named her Ziva after the character in NCIS - the woman is from Chile and the EE are from South America). I also got a light Brahma who I named DiNozzo ("Di" also from NCIS). These chicks are about 2 weeks old now and growing by the minute it seems.

    Here is where it gets complicated so advice would be appreciated: I have a choice of getting from the feed store this coming Friday a Cuckoo Maran (I'll call her "Espresso" for the dark colored eggs they lay), a Speckled Sussex ("Abby" - also from NCIS), and Welsummer ("McGee" - from NCIS because they are known for intelligence). This would mean integrating 1 day olds with 2.5 week olds - which I wouldn't think would be a problem.

    The other option is getting chicks from My Pet Chicken online. They have a much greater variety and I would be able to get chicks that I really, REALLY want. I would get a Buckeye (a critically endangered chicken), a Salmon Favorelle (how can I resist that face?), a Black Jersey Giant, and a Sussex. However, these chickens can't be shipped until August 23rd.

    If I did the latter option, I'm thinking I would move the first batch out to the new coop (arrives on the 20th) on August 22nd and put the new chicks into the brooder. At that point, the older chicks would be almost 4 weeks old and would still require supplemental heating for a short while. My guess is that the August 23rd chicks wouldn't integrate well with the older chicks as there would be too much age difference. Or am I wrong?

    Would you go with getting the chicks that are closer in age or get the ones from My Pet Chicken even though I'll have to brood them separately? Any advice would be appreciated!!

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    I've had good results mixing ages a little. In my first batch I had one 5 week old and three two week olds. Currently, I have 1 five week old with 1 that's a couple days old. They are doing fine together. Also, at the feed store where I got the chicks, they had many ages mixed together. I think the problem would be if you had mostly older ones with only a few little ones. If they're about equal numbers, it probably would be fine, although I'm pretty new at this myself. Just my experience.
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    What no Jethro?? I think I would get the breeds I really wanted even if I had to wait and had a second batch in the brooder. I just don't like 'to settle' for just anything. I'm picky. In your climate would the Aug.23 batch be old enough for the cold weather when it comes.? I know this keeps alot of people from hatching eggs later in the season., they don't want young chicks going thru the winter.

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