Where to buy chicken wire?


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I've heard you shouldn't use chicken wire on coops located in raccoon territory (like mine will be). Do you guys have any reccomendations for wire to use on my run? Don't want it to be too expensive since I'll probably use a lot of it... Any ideas on where to buy wire? Thanks so much!!
Ok! Thanks for the help!!
Modern chickenwire is very non-predator-proof, I would NOT suggest using it at all (except *maybe* to separate one pen of chickens from another pen of chickens, or for garden fencing)

So, eliminating that, yer reasonably-predatorproof choices are: 1/2" hardwarecloth (expensive), 1x1 welded wire mesh (middling-expensive), 1x2 welded wire mesh aka "cage wire" (middling-expensive, make sure you get heavy gauge), or heavy-gauge 2x4" welded wire mesh fencing (less expensive, but do make sure you get heavy gauge and well-welded, and you should add something else smaller-mesh on the bottom 2-3' or anywhere else predators will potentially be directly on the opposite side of the wire from the chickens).

You will see 2x2 and 2x3 welded wire out there, sometimes at a somewhat attractive price or anyhow the same price as 2x4 and you may think "hey, they're smaller holes, they must be more secure than 2x4 wire, so I shall buy some, eh?" but unfortunately I have only ever seen them in REALLY thin weebly garden-grade stuff, not heavy duty well-welded predator-proof versions. So I would suggest you steer clear of them. You want something that is, like, livestock-type fencing.

Big box stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc usually have *some* hardwarecloth and 2x4 wire, sometimes other types too. However their selection is limited and they do not always have the widths you want. I would suggest trying your local feedstores or farm store (including, but not limited to, TSC if you have it in your area). Note that mom n pop feed/farm stores often do not have the stuff out on display, you have to *ask*, and they may not have what you want in stock but may be able to order it if you ask.

Good luck, have fun,


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