Where to buy Nystatin?

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    Mar 17, 2017
    I have been trying to treat my hen for vent gleet for a couple months now. I've used a regimen of yogurt, cider vinegar, and daily cleaned her rump. Unfortunately, I had to go out fo town for 10 days in there and then had to have surgery and so I've been unable to care for her as I was.
    At this point, I"m looking for Nystatin to help lick this nasty stuff. I have called everywhere locally here in Fort Collins, CO: veterinarians, CSU vet hospital, Walgreens, feed stores, etc. I was hoping to get it locally so I wouldn't have to wait too long to get it through the mail. I've also looked for it online and have found it in various forms but don't know which to purchase and it seems incredibly expensive. Can anyone point me in direction with success? Also, I have read Oregano oil can be used to treat gleet but don't know what a proper dosage is. Help! I just want to get my Golden Laced girl well again.
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    Lucia K.
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    It is a prescription drug, and a local vet can call in a prescription. You can get it through FirstStateVetSupply online, but it is $45, and I'm not sure about shipping.
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    Hello, I have a question. I think a few of my hens have vent gleet. Can you tell me, do/did your shake their heads a lot?
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    Shaking heads can be from ear infection, respiratory illness, but also chickens may shake their heads during feather growth. I would look for any lice or mites on their bodies around the vent and neck areas. Vent gleet can be over diagnosed in chickens with diarrhea. Usually it is caused by a yeast infection in the GI tract, and the vent area becomes almost scalded. Here is some reading about it:
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