Where to buy Quail in Belgium and Holland and Germany


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
Hi wanted some help to where to buy Quail in Belgium and Holland and Germany
Breeds I am looking for are
White Bobwhite Quail
Silver Bobwhite Quail
Orange Bobwhite Quail
Masked Bobwhite Quail
Mexican Bobwhite Quail
Elegant Quail
Rain Quail
Jungle Bush Quail
Mountain Quail
Mearns Quail
Want Hatching Eggs or Live Birds and must send them to UK
Hi and welcome to byc.

You can try http://www.kooyandsons.com/ they are an international breeding farm/ trader in Holland, they ship live birds.
They haven't got any quail mentioned on their site but i guess they are able to get some and ship them.

my company Ecofarming is a producer of quail eggs.We also produce quail egg pasta and quail egg mayonnaise.
The company is located in Poland,but we can send our products on whole world if You wish to ;-)
I can send You our catalogue and a price list if You wish to.
Just contact me on my email adress :
[email protected]
Best regards
Marcin Stecura

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