where to buy show quality chickens??!!

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    I am an extremely newbie to chickens. I have ducks, but wanted an egg producer that also liked to be held and was docile. I bought a cockrel & pullet at the Raleigh State Fair (Wyandotte breed) and they are wonderful. Born in May 2012. They won 2nd place in their breed/age. I would like to keep different friendly egg laying breeds that are show quality, as I am interested in the potential of showing eventually.

    Can I buy quality chicks from Meyer Hatchery or another known hatchery, or do I need to try and find a breeder in NC/SC for the breeds I am interested in having? I know I need more hens for the rooster, and I know I need to keep the breeds seperate if I plan to hatch show chickens.

    Any suggestions are welcome - also anyone who can name some other docile egg laying breeds. I love that I can just sit with the ones I have on my lap like a dog would!

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    If you want show quality you will have to go through a breeder. However, Stombergs (Sp?) does drop ship show quality chicks.
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    I would figure out what breeds I were interested in, and then start researching who has them. Going to shows and seeing who has what is a place to start. You could google for breed clubs. You could make contact with breeders that way, too.

    Personally, once I figured out what I wanted, I searched on BYC for people who had them. I also used google to search for breeders. You might have to order eggs rather than chicks, especially if you want something rare. If you order from a hatchery, be prepared to order LOTS and cull HARD. Familiarize yourself with the standard of perfection for your breed so you'll know what to look for.
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