Where to find a heat lamp?


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Apr 3, 2014
My chicks should be hatching in about 10-12 days and I want to get a brooder ready for them. Does anyone have links or places I can go to get everything I will need? Heat lamp, food, water dish, feeder, etc.? There are no feed places near me so I wouldn't know where to go. I plan to keep them in a tall bin with a wired top so they can't fly out
Where are you located? You're 100% sure there aren't any feed stores near you? There may be a little family owned one somewhere, maybe try googling "feed store near ZIP" and it will give you some results. Walmart would have a heat lamp probably, as well as most just normal pet stores in the lizard section. As far as food, I know my walmart carries food, and also some other corn and stuff, but I wouldn't suggest feeding that to chicks. Water dish and feeders can just be shallow bowls with a few marbles stuck in them. And bedding can be just old towels that you take out and wash often.
Yeah I'm in the sticks, so there's really nothing. I did find a hardware store though, maybe I can order things through Walmart? As for the water and food, I don't want to use shallow bowls cause I don't want them to accidental drown and I don't want to waste food either and I've seen little tube things for feeders, I just don't know where to get them
The little tubes you could make if your handy from stuff at a hardware store. Just go get some pvc pipe and some fittings and make it so it has an angle and just put them in there, and they won't waste very much food either. For the waters, as long as you put marbles (the flat ones like in the game maracola) they won't drown in the water. Depending on how much room you have in your brooder and how many chicks, as long as you have a lot of room they won't drown in it if you have marbles in there. Just make sure it is a very shallow bowl (like a cat milk plate type thing) There may be a heat lamp at the hardware store, you could always ask. I guess as long as you water proofed the pvc really well, you could make waters out of those as well. Or, you could order chicken nipple off of ebay and drill it into a bucket, and hang it, and that is a very good way to not have a mess in your coop. The only thing is they require an odd size bit, so you may have to order that online unless your hardware store caries it.

As for your chick food, sadly the only thing I can suggest is either looking up ways to feed them human food (like vegatables) you could look up those kind of diets, there are plenty of people here that do it, but you have to make sure there is a very balanced feed with all the right amount of vitamins, but otherwise you probably have to order it online, which will get expensive on shipping.

Do you plan on allowing you hens to free range ones they are older?

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