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I have seen the breeder list for cochins, but in this thread, is there a breeder that will have chicks that are willing to ship? I have tried contacting some of the breeders on the list and not found much for chicks. I thought maybe someone on here would know who has or will have quality birds/chicks available. I'd much rather purchase from a breeder. I am new to the cochin, so was looking for guidance. I have barnevelders but I am trying to find a different breed that is gentle enough for my handicapped daughter to not get attacked by the roos. The barneys are the only breed I've been able to keep as they are the only one gentle enough. I love the blue color, splash, SL, mottled colors...Thanks for any guidance!
I have started ones. They are 5.5 months old. I have a pair and a trio.

The pair is a blue cockerel & a black pullet for $10 plus shipping

the trio is a blue cockerel & 2 wheaton Pullets $15 plus shipping.

They are cheap just because I need the space and need them gone. If you are interested you can send me your zip code to figure out shipping. Just Pm me if interested.

Cochins are great birds and most are very gentle. I have seen some that can have an attitude. One breed that I have always seen with a very gentle personality; is the modern game bantams. They are one of the nicest/gentlest birds I have ever had. I have silkies, cochins, bantam cornish and modern games. They are all great breeds and I don't have any issues with "bad boys" but my kids all find the moderns the easiest to handle.
Thank you for responding. I am in Seminole, Ok 74868...I did send you a message through your site for chicks, which I would enjoy as well....the pair sounds nice and I'd be interested. Have these guys been handled and are they gentle? Thanks.

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