Where to find help if you have sick chicks from a certain hatchery

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    Mar 15, 2008
    Moderator eggchel posted this earlier, but it gets lost in all of the other posts about sick chicks. If you can't afford a necropsy (we couldn't) check this link and check with your state vet. Dr. Herrin from Oklahoma jumped right on it. I came home to find two more chicks dead last night. I put them in zip lock bags and REFRIGERATED not froze them. I then put them in an ice chest with ice packs and drove them 45 minutes to Oklahoma City. Dr. Herrin met me at 7:30 am and hopes to have answers by next week. It isn't costing me anything (other than all the money I spent buying medicine to try to help my sick chicks live.)
    I don't know how to make the link an actual link, but you can google it.

    If you are from Oklahoma and want the numbers PM me.


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