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    Lately I have not been getting as many eggs as I would like and I have plenty of extra room in my coop for a new bird. I would like a pullet or young hen because I don't want to raise a individual chick and I would also like a white egg layer. So I could either get a bird from-
    1. local breeder
    2. the next poultry show (april 10th), which would involve waiting [​IMG]
    3. a started bird from a hatchery (high shipping though) like this one
    So anyway, what do you recommend?
    Do chicken breeders usually sell individual birds such as their culls or is it usually sold in pairs (can't have a rooster)?
    Do most poultry shows have a sales barn?
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    the problem with all of those methods is possible infection. If you buy from a local or an auction, you never really know the history of the bird... are they really just a year old or are they 3 years old.

    Why not get a few chicks grow them out and sell the extras to cover the cost. People around hear love to buy started pullets.

    If I were buying an adult bird, or point of lay pullet I would definately maintain a period of isolation and if possible buy from a NPIP certified flock.

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