where to get Acorn Flour

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OK, I'm the Chef...
My volunteer trail guide class wants me to make tradidional "indian" bread with acorn flour like they did in the 1700's

You can't get acorn flour at the local megafood mart. I'm SURE someone makes it SOMEWHERE!!!
Any body have a qlue?

as a last resort I'll pay someont to send me 5 or 10 lb of acorns and I'll porcess them myself. (But its a pain in the neck)
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Hmmm, is that stuff in the link made only of ground acorns? (acorn starch?)

Don't know if you can still get acorns, or what kind you have near you. You sure have to blanch them a long time in water to get the bitterness out before drying out and grinding.

If you can find the acorns, you could just put them in a huge pot of water this weekend and pop in a long movie . . . set the pot to boil, and just keep changing the water every half hour . . . *whew* we have it easy now, eh? I just pick up a bag of King Arthur flour and get on with it!

Good luck, and please keep us posted on how this turns out! Cool project.

[[Ed. to add - whoa, Chef! Just checked out your website. What a pity I don't live in San Diego. . .
BTW, I did a web search and could not find any sources for the flour, either. Sorry!]
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My husband and I once tried to get real acorn flour from a Miwok woman at a powwow, but she had only made enough for her family to perform a ceremony. She told us it's a real pain in the patootie to make. It tastes terrible, too.

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