where to get an incubator


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Apr 20, 2009
anyone know of any good places to check for a free and cheap incubator? i really want to hatch some pekin eggs next season but would prefer a cheap incubator if possible. anyway let me know.
build one. we built ours for under 50 bucks. (38 to be exact). if you want some help give me a shout on PM and I can give you some help on how to build it. it is easy to build.
Early this spring I bought a GQF Sportsman cabinet model from a friend for $150., and thought I got a great deal. For some reason I kept checking Craig's List every day for incubators and REALLY lucked out.... I found two more GQF's, one a Sportsman incubator the other a GQF hatcher, in great condition for $50. each. I grabbed them up so fast my own head spun!

So, check Craig's List every day, maybe put out a wanted ad on CL. If you're looking for a smaller unit, maybe a wanted ad on Freecycle. Great deals are out there if you're patient and persistent! Good luck... but be forewarned... hatching is addictive!
Do a search for homemade incubator or Styrofoam incubator. Many people have had luck with making their own and if you aren't planning to do too many at a time it should work well for you. HTH!

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