Where to get cheap hardware cloth?


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Englewood Colorado
Man, is hardware cloth expensive!

And I have a lot of it to buy if to build a 4x10 (or so) run with an apron and reinforce the bottom of a fence.

I've only been to the big box hardware stores and I've found a few deals on Amazon...but is there a secret way to buy some inexpensive hardware cloth that I don't know about?

Everyone keeps talking about how inexpensive it is to build coops...but from what I can see, most coops have a lot of hardware cloth. How is eveyone building so cheaply??

And--what is the best way to cut the stuff?

There is no cheap hardware cloth that I know of. But I bought mine at my local family owned Blue Seal Feed, and because I shop there a lot and because I was buying a large quantity, they did give me a discount on it, so it's worth asking if you're buying a substantial amount. Turned out to be much cheaper than at Lowe's or the bigger places.

PS: And yes, wire cutters or tin snips cut right through it easily.
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The best place is craigslist. I purchased for roll 4'x150' for $60 poultry wire. I share 2 rolls with other and keep the 2.
The CNS link is a really good price, just not sure how much shipping will add to it. I bought mine at Lowes and it wasn't cheap. It made my run cost almost as much as my coop. I bought (6) 36" x 25' rolls of 1/2'.

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