Where to order mix n match birds?


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Feb 17, 2010
Highlands, NC
We are looking for one or two roosters, a couple of ducks, a goose, and a few guineas.

I spent so much time last year trying to find somewhere we could mix and match that I got to the point of everyone was out of everything and quit looking. We started late in mid summer.

Does anyone know a place that is first trust worthy to buy hatchlings (sp???) from and that will let you mix and match like this? I know we need to be getting an order in soon.

The goose is to take up the slack of the dogs. I believe the one I am wanting will be a Chinese Goose. The hubby wants what he calls Aflac ducks!

And the rooster(s) are for mating. Will find another area to ask about the breed to get.
So I take it they don't stay home and would be all over the woods with the dogs. Great! Can't keep the dogs home... Hmmm... maybe I need to think about this and post a lot more!

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