Where to place nesting boxes


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
Collierville (Memphis), TN
We modified a "Chick-N-Barn" to be raised off the ground with a run underneath. The doors for egg gathering are on the bottom of the "barn". Is it okay to put nesting boxes on the floor of the raised "barn"?
It is, just make sure to put them in the darkest area of the coop. Mine are about 8" off the floor, so of course they lay UNDER the box :)
We have the Chick-N-Barn also, but don't use the egg doors as I didn't feel they were predator proof enough. I have 1 nest box in there for 3 Silky hens, placed in the northwest corner, that sets right on top of the pine shavings and the girls are fine with it.


Hope this helps!

I have a plan to predator proof my doors with some special locking clips I found. I would rather not use the hinged roof because I want my younger son to be able to easily gather eggs. With it being raised it is a bit high and I put roofing shingles on it so it's also a bit heavy. Since we are new at this, I am glad to know they will lay in a box on the floor of the "barn". We are trying to thing of all kinds of creative ways to create nesting boxes and needed to figure out from what angle we will be gathering.

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