where to put a window or 2?


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May 29, 2009
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My coop is an 8x8 previous goat house with no windows. I put in vents (but need more)and would like to have a larger window type opening with hardwire covering (covering part of it in bad weather with plywood flap or something). What side should I put it on? The East and South sides are enclosed in the run, so I am thinking they would be the safer bet as far as predators trying to break in. Do I need to have 2 window areas open on opposite sides of each other for better airflow? how big should these openings be? Right now, I only have 5 small type of vents up high on different walls and a large pop door,but that is not enough ventilation as I am getting an ammonia smell this winter because the gals don't want to spend anytime outdoors. I do open the large people door during the day for ventilation. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Apr 20, 2007
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As far as ventilation, you might take a look at my Big Ol' Ventilation page (link in .sig below) that might have some helpful suggestions for you.

As far as a window, primarily for light, I would suggest putting it on the S side - you will get useful daytime warmth from it in winter, and as you say it is nice to have a window extra-protected by being in the run. Another window on the E side, or E and W sides both, would make the coop lighter and improve airflow in the hot summer months, but if you are only putting in *one* I'd put it on the S.

Good luck, have fun,


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