Where to put the run???

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    Jun 27, 2010
    We are new chix parents, have 3 young ones awaiting construction of their coop. Our thought is to place the coop to the outside of the fenced in vegetable garden and have an enclosed run in the garden. Do we need to be able to move the run to fresh ground occationally? should we place the run outside the garden too and allow the chixs to work the garden when we are out their? Our other concern is our 'four-legged' child - our 3 yr old lab?? can he be trained to leave our girls alone???? anyone with big dogs and chix - or are we crazy?
    Thanks from Carmichael
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    You're going to get mixed answers on the big dogs and chickens thing. Some people will respond and say, "No problem! Our dog absolutely loves our chickens!" and some will say, "Been there, done that. We lost some birds in a situation like that." The best answer I can give you is that you know your dog and you know what you're willing to risk. Personally, I just wouldn't try it, myself.

    Chickens can be somewhat destructive to vegetable gardens. If you want to let them in when the growing season is done, go for it. I'm not sure I'd make a regular habit of it when things are growing, though.

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