where to send the chemo caps?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by blueskylen, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Mar 3, 2008

    i cannot find the post for the person that wanted chemo caps last week?[​IMG]

    i was going to sew some, but found 10 very soft tobogans for .50 cents a piece, so bought them, and now cannot find who to send them to?

    Are they still in need?
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    Quote:Yes that is it. I just came on it and joined to do some. When you get there, 1st thing go to bottom of page and click on subscribe. That will make it easier to find.

    When you subscribe it will send an email to your regular email address when a new post has been added to that thread, but only one until you visit there. And if you go through the email link it takes you to the last post you read on that subject then you can read from there to most current and not have to scan a bunch of stuff you have already read.

    Another great tool here is the search. You can use either BYC search or Google search here. Super tool.

    Also to help you find sites you have posted to but can not remember. Go to the blue line at the top of your screen, where it has Index User list Rules Search etc, go into Profile then scroll down to User Activity and click on the blue words Show all posts. That gives a list of every thread you have put a post on. I have found this is great to be able to find those threads you want to go back to for information you really liked. If you find something good, make a small post, even if it is just a smiley, it will mark that thread and add it to your list.

    I hope this is helpful. These are things I have stumbled on in the short time I have been here that I find work great.

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