Where To Sleep????

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    When I brought my 2 SLW hens home, they went into the coop with 2 rabbits in hanging wire cages. From the 1st night, the hens flew to the top of the rabbit cages ( hung lower than their roost). Each night I "put the girls to bed" taking them off the rabbit cages and putting them on their roost. Do ya' think they ever got a clue??? Nah, it became a nightly ritual. My husband didn't like the rabbits, he wants more chickens, hey that's allright with me, LOL. [​IMG] So today the rabbits went to their new home. The girls didn't miss them until this evening. I went to the coop and they were walking around with their necks stretched out, cocking their heads from side to side, eyeballing where the cages USED to be!! They uttered soft confused bawks and looked at me through the wire, like Mommy where are we to sleep? I walked to the other side of the coop where the stair riser I so dutifully nailed steps on for them goes to their roost. I talked to them telling them they had to put themselves to bed and get on their roost. Stella came to the wire, bawk bawking, while I told her to go up the steps to her roost. And by golly, Stella hopped on the first step, then the next until she was on the roost. What a smart girl. She looked around, still no rabbit cages, then she flew down. I went and got my husband. He watched them looking for the rabbit cages and then I talked both of them up the steps to their roost. They bawk bawked a little, then settled down and squatted down on the 2x4. We both laughed at the girls. This is the first time I didn't have to put them on the roost. Who would've thought chickens can be so much fun?
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    Nice story! Chickens are alot of fun.

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