Where will the eggs come!?


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I have ordered 10 eggs from metzerfarms online and they are expected to come tomorrow or wednesday. I'm not sure where the package will be put, and i hope they dont die from me not being able to find them. (it asked for my address and thats what I put so i hope thats where it is delivered). Also, when I get them, I read somewhere that I should let them settle? But it said they should be stored in 60 degree temp. and I have no idea where I can put them at this consistent temperature so would it be okay if I just straight forward put them into the incubator? How long after should I wait to hand turn them?
i don't know about the hand turning since i have an automatic turner. but as far as letting them settle, i have done 24 hours before, and i've done 4 hours. both have been great hatches (for shipped eggs). good luck!
I have done three hatches so I am not an expert. That said, I read the 24 hour guideline in several places but am a bit too impatient for that, I have also read as little as just a few hours, so I settled on 12minimum and 16 max hrs and have had no problems. The reason for letting them set is to let the air pocket reorient itself if during shipping it has shifted so it is necessary, don't skip it altogehter. Also you don't need to settle them at 60. I haven't read that anywhere (not saying it isn't out there) all places I have seen have said room temp is fine. I have read about keeping them at 55 or lower if you want to stop growth until you can set them in bator maybe that is where the 60 came from. Mine have always just been set on the table next to the bator and room temp was usually between 72-78. Good luck.
I have put the eggs in as soon as I have gotten them and have waited 24 hrs. I used to store my eggs under 70 degrees but don't anymore as it didn't seem to affect my hatch rate. I got great hatches even storing the eggs at around 80 degrees. If you are going to hand turn the eggs I would turn them around 6 am, 2pm and 10pm. Also I would put an X on one side of the egg and an O on the other side of the egg and always turn the eggs in the same direction so that at 6am all of the X's are up, at 2pm the O's are up and 10pm the X's are up. Then the opposite the next day. Just my suggestions.
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I usually let the eggs settle for a few hours and then I set them in the incubator. I do not turn the day I set, I start the next morning. As the previous poster said, put x and o and turn at least 3 times a day, if you do more, make sure it is an odd number of turns to that they don't lay on the same side each night. I hand turn and have fine results.

I hand turn and I love it, It gives me more contact with the eggs and the chicks. I turn at like 8am, noon and 5ish most days but some days I only get two turns in for I am not home all day, and I have had good hatch rates. I have found that putting in an egg carton is not a good idea for me.
No one has addressed the "where do I find them?" question... how far is your P.O.? Call them and tell them you will come and pick them up when they come... that way they won't ride around in the mail-truck all day.

Another option... do you know your letter-carrier? Ask her/him to bring them up to the door and hand them to you when they come.

My P.O. and letter-carrier have been great about doing this for me and you get to know them better.

Break an egg!
I ordered from individuals who clearly labeled live eggs or embryos and they were delivered to my door, the address I gave them. I have read a lot of other posts about people saying they had to go to post office to pick up their day old chicks from hatchery orders. I would call post office and see what their standard operating procedure is for eggs. Maybe it is just live chicks you have to pick up and the eggs are delivered.

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