Which Brahma cockerel to keep?


Oct 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
So I ended up with 3 brahma boys. I'm having a hard time finding pictures of show roos, or any good standard sized brahma pics. So hopefully, someone here can help me decide who to keep. 3 roosters are just too many for the hens, especially since the boys are teenagers and... teenagers man.

So here are the 3:

First, we have Vagisa, he's the tallest and the first to crow, thus the lord or speech.

Second, we have a shorter guy, but his tail looks nicer.

Third, we have crooked toes (he didn't hatched that way, it developed later. Maybe the floor was too slippy for him?).

Personality wise, they're all about the same with the hens. They all abuse my husband about the same too. They don't peck me, but maybe that's because I had to pimp-slap one of them for being a jerk a while back.

I probably won't show anyone (seems like all of the poultry shows are for kids around here) but I don't want to just breed crapola either, because the breed deserves that in the very least.


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Going by those photos is hard. The first guy is standing taller so might be why I'm saying this , but I like the chest shape on the 2nd one better, though a full chest can come with age, too. Neither have great foot feathering. Always choose by conformation first, meaning body shape-no squirrel tail or what they call "rainy day" back, meaning very steeply sloped like a narrow U.
This site has a good description of proper conformation of the male Brahma just below the first illustration. Print that out and go observe those two guys and assess them that way.
I'm not sure I could say definitely by looking at just those photos. If #3 has crooked toes, nix that one right off the bat.
The second one does have a better overall shape. After looking at the drawings, the first one looks pretty gawky and overly upright. His wing also seems more pointed downward.

On the SOPs, they mentioned as a disqualifier:
4. Presence of positive enamel white in the face, earlobes or wattles.

Is the white patch on the feather covering the ear hole that they all have what they're talking about? Or do they mean the skin color?
Here's a (albeit blurry) close up of his face that shows that feather:


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I like the second’s over all conformation. Have you looked at all their toes? Brahmas can have an issue with crooked toes also the feathering on the feet is rather poor. Who has the widest tail set? I think the UK standards request the lobes to be longer then the wattle but I’m not sure if the SOP in America is the same.
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