Which Breed & Gender of Our Chickens


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Nov 4, 2015
These recent editions were given to us this morning. They were passed along with the purchase of a house and our friend has decided she should let them go after about a month of motherhood.

We believe we have 1) a Rhode Island Red Hen & 2) a Buff Orpington Hen.
Thanks in advance.

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I see a barred rock hen, a couple of Easter Egger hens, a buff Orpington hen, a Rhode Island red hen, and a pekin duck.
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My vote is for a Rock, but it will be interesting to see what color eggs you get from her, and the EEs. pretty flock!
You have a
The barred birds legs look white, if so then it's a cuckoo marans. My color is junk on my phone so I may be wrong

The legs look white to me as well so I'm also thinking Cuckoo Marans (I can't see it well enough from the angle to be certain of its sex). The others I see are two Easter Egger hens, a Buff Orpington hen, a hatchery grade RIR or Production Red hen, and a Peking Duck.
Thanks Julie, Michael, & Donrae. I'll be able to verify leg color tomorrow. Anxious to see if there are any chocolate colored eggs.

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