Which breed of hen will lay a white coloured Egg?

I know a Leghorn will, but they are very flighty. At Ideal hatchery they have some California Whites I have heard are very nice birds that lay white eggs.
There are many others out there though....
some of the hatchery sites like Murray Mcmurray, Ideal and Meyers hatcheries, for example can tell you which breeds lay white eggs.

from South Carolina!
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Hi Fishes and

My White Faced Black Spanish, Silver Leghorns, and Phoenix all lay white eggs. But I agree with Chickens4Me - there are many, many breeds that lay white eggs and your best bet is to check out some hatchery websites. They typically tell you in the description of each breed. McMurrays offers a free catalog and I know the egg color is included in the descriptions there.
Game, ancona,andalusian,campine,catalana,hamburg,polish,silkie,
lakenvelder, and many more.

Yes all with white earlobe.... lay white eggs.

Easier if you ask what color a breed lays, Funny thing lot of people think all white chicken lay white eggs, not so like white rock lay brown.
At one time I had Black Minorca's and they layed white large to xtra large eggs. They were nice standard sized hens.

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