Which cuckoo maran roo to keep


11 Years
Aug 7, 2008
Durham, UK
I've got a really light coloured one, and 2 darker one's




backs of all 3 of the roo's

one of the darker ones

both darker ones

lighter one next to one of the hens

I'm thinking it's best to keep the lightest? Is that correct or do the others look better?
Just like to remind you that your standard over there is different than what we go by here in the usa. We have a approved Standard here and they must be feathered legged now to show.
That's correct. Most members here are from the US here. By the way, even the singular form of Marans has an S on the end.
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Maybe you should go to the Cuckoo Marans thread.

I'm sure you'll get more positive help there.

I've had cuckoos but I only have a single pullet right now. She was part of a breeding program for developing Golden Cuckoos and she's the only Marans I have with clean leggs, but We're all working on those.

There are some Maranas Gurus on there and they can help you pick which one would be better for your breeding project. They are very helpful. There are several Maranas threads so feel free to post on them, but with these guys I would suggest the Cuckoo thread, so you can get help from here on out.
Aww, just keep them all; you know you want to!

I agree with flgardengirl, hold on to them a bit longer, they can change their appearances drastically in a few week's time.
I can keep them till they start fighting with each other, hopefully they won't as they seem great with each other, there all friendly at the moment but I know that can change as they mature, I'll post in the marans thread when they get a bit older and i've gotten better pictures, and I know english marans are different to the french (which i think is the one's you's have in the US, correct me if i'm wrong)

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