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Discussion in 'Quail' started by UniqueQuail, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    I realise that this may be a silly question with the answer being no.... But 2 of my 9 hens are laying very large eggs. I do not want to move or separate any of my birds as this will unsettle them and temporarily stop them laying. But is there any way, other than separating them to tell which bird is laying which eggs?
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    I have read that applying food dye to the vents can help identify who is laying what (I assume some of the colour will be present on the eggs) - that was on a post for chickens, but there's no reason,I would assume, it could apply to quail? Never tried it, but it could be worth a try. If you got three colours, for example and apply one colour to each of 3 quail, you could narrow down the potential large layers, and continue to narrow it down from there.

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