Which eggs are darker?

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  1. KrystalRose

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    Jun 28, 2014
    Finley, WA
    I was hoping someone could help me, I have 4 kinds of hens who lay several shades of brown eggs. Could you try to put these breeds egg colors in order from lightest to darkest. I have a breed that is laying medium brown eggs, I think 2 breeds that lay light brown eggs and 1 breed that lays super light brown eggs, and I'm not sure which is which, although I have my suspicions.

    Buff Orpington
    Barred Rock
    Black Australorp
  2. cmchickens

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    Jul 9, 2014
    Bigfork, Montana
    I know it sounds a bit weird, but I heard that if you put a bit of food coloring around the vent area of each bird, and use a different color for each one, you will be able to tell which bird laid which color egg. I've never tried though, to be honest.
  3. wolfrosie

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    Jan 22, 2015
    I know based on my chickens that the Australorps lay lighter brown eggs. But in comparison to those others I am not sure how much lighter in comparison. But I would guess the Austra's are either the light brown eggs or the super light that you described. Buff Orpington I believe is a shade darker when I compare mine to my neighbours, who mainly breed RIRs but has a few of those.

    When I researched for pics on the internet I found that the Barred Rock's have the darkest eggs and Delaware dark but not as dark. However! Remember that all individual chickens can have their own unique egg shades. [​IMG]
  4. KrystalRose

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    Jun 28, 2014
    Finley, WA
    ok, I was just curious as my first chick to hatch under my broody came from my darker eggs. Its dad is a cuckoo maran but it has a lighter head than the marans did as babies. Although I didn't get a good look at it, as mom was being a little protective.

    Funny, for some reason I thought the dark eggs were coming from my australorps, but I guess I could have gotten that backwards. Its been too cold out there for me to wait around watching which girls lay which egg, or I would have tried that.

    Thanks for the replies!
  5. song of joy

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Egg color can vary not only between these breeds, but also within each of these breeds, so the range of color will be specific to your hens.

    For example, I have 2 barred rocks right now from 2 different hatcheries. One lays a light, pinkish-brown egg, while the other lays a medium brown egg with a few speckles. Other barred rocks I've had have ranged in egg color from light beige to medium brown. My australorps tend to lay the lightest colored eggs.
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  6. KrystalRose

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    Jun 28, 2014
    Finley, WA
    ok, good to know
  7. WNCcluck

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    Aug 1, 2014
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    We have a Buff Orpington and a Black Australorp (among others). Quite honestly, I can't tell much difference in the color of their eggs. They're both a lovely light brown.

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