which geese are most aggressive?


Apr 15, 2015
im looking get some geese to patrol my home. a friend of mine used to keep geese, and they were better than dogs at keeping unwelcome people away. they would make noise and chase and even bite if they caught you. now I need such to protect my home while I go to work. im a wildland firefighter and frequently have to travel for work and I have a very bad neighbor who has treid in the past to burn my home. so I would definitely sleep better with a mean flock of geese outside. any suggestions?
I also agree on African. As house geese, I've only had one personal experience with an African, and she was an AWESOME loving pet and a good alarm, too. As outdoor geese, they're
quite nasty, LOUD as heck, and BIG. I do not recommend them for mixed flocks, either, they're just mean. Beautiful, but mean. I'd personally pick Dewlap Africans for that extra buff. Be sure to freak the neighbor, LOL.

I will warn ya, though. Check any ordinances about poultry. I dunno if you're on farm land or residential, but residential may have ordinances about how many geese, or may not even allow them at all. Then your neighbor could lawfully complain and have them removed.

As an example, we used to live in a big city where there wasn't really many limitations on backyard poultry, especially on geese. Mainly keep them contained. That was it. We happily lived in a quadplex with our African. Landlord decided not to renew lease at Christmas(because of our dogs), and we were forced to leave the city because the cheapest we could find was a place out in... sorta the country. It's a place between two cities, but is zoned residential, but is very much country... The nearest town claims our land. Well, this town is A LOT smaller than the city I lived in my whole life... One would think that such a smaller city wouldn't care much on backyard poultry, especially since the BIG city is so lenient(each home allowed 6 hens, no limits on geese, must be kept clean and contained)... We were so wrong. This little city only permits up to 3 hens on our sized land, and NO other poultry... So we kept our goose on the down low, but... neighbors really didn't care, so we had a flock on the pond... but it really really shocked us. Apparently it's been a big fight just to permit any backyard poultry here. They're still pressing for a little more because the law here is hens must be sold in quantities of 6.
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