Which hedgehog should I get?


8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
Okay, so I'm getting a hedgehog baby!!! I'm SO excited! It's old enough to come home on Tuesday- it will be six weeks.
We went to visit them today. It's a litter of two, and their both Grey Algerian Pinto Males, so no differences there. They both had to be waken up to come out, and so while we held them, they both curled up into little balls at first. The one I held had a big white patch on it's rear end, and some other mottling. The other one has less white, and was more brown. We held them for like 20 minuites. Apparentally they're bt both really freindly, they just's don't like being woken up. The one I held was sticking up all it's quills, and pretty spikey. After awhile thougth, the one my sister held started laying down it's quills, and just kind of snuggling and going back to sleep againts her. After a long time, the one I held woke up. It was pretty cautious at first- if I moved to much it would curl up. But at last it started walking groggily around my hand, while the other one, with quills layed down, snuggled and slept. The one awake didn't seem scared of me, and was pretty curious and freindly. But I think the other one might be more freindly once it wakes up because it's so calm. Another thing going for the one that woke up, is that apparently something to do with it's mask makes it almost be a "Blaze" which is a really rare thing, worth 500 dollars apparentally (it's actually only priced 230).

So whick one?

Thanks, I'm so torn! I like the qualities of both!

E.T.A you don't need hedgehog experiance to answer...
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I dunno about where you are, but around here $230 is a super high price for a hedgehog and I haven't even heard of one going for $500. You can find them for $50-75 pretty easily with most not going for more than $100...even the less common colors usually only bring a little more. I know you say the color is "rare", but unless you plan on breeding I am not sure what the benefit of having a rare color is except to brag that you have it. I am not a expert on hedgehog genetics at all, but I would think having a interesting face marking would just be luck of the draw with the pintos, so even bred there isn't any guarentee you would get anymore with unnique markings.
Honestly I agree with you completely. I know 230 is alot, and no, I don't plan to breed, - but I really wanted a hedgehog and it's the only place I could find- I didn't want to get it from a pet store and have it come down with some deadly genetic disease- besides, it was actually a christmas present from my uncle...so he payed for it.
. I guess after looking around, 230 dollars does seem like a pretty reasonable price here, and this is the only certified breeder in TX I've found.
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i think it depends on what your looking fro in a pet...
do you want a snuggle bug?! if so go with the snuggly one
or do you want a hedgie who might be a little more curious but not so snuggly...he may never be a snuggler...
I disagree completely. It is not uncommon for a breeder to charge $250-300 for a pet, and $500 for some of the most rare and saught after colors, (like black or dilutes) would not be an outrageous cost amongst breeders. However, I do hate to tell you, split faces are not worth $500 in any market. And that baby is a blaze face, not a split face. It sounds like they are playing your inexperience.

Yes, having a split face, blaze face, marked face, pinto face, bandanna, etc will give you better chances of that sort of baby. Regular pintos together rarely produce split face babies as the pinto usually affects the rump/skirt area.

Not only this, but if you are buying a hedgehog for $50-75, then you really shouldn't be buying them as you haven't done your research. It is NOT easy to breed hedgehogs and the only thing you get with that low an amount of money is trouble - with their temperament and their health. The lowest price I've ever seen from a reputable breeder is $150 and it's more often $200.

It sounds like they could both use much more socialization. Though you are right, if they are both healthy and of good weight, then the friendlier one should be the one you choose, regardless of what you're looking for. He sounds like he has a better temperament and is better socialized.

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