which Incubator? Do I Set The Eggs?


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I read on The Sheriff's website that Fluctuations of a half degree can spell disaster. So I have eggs coming but am afraid to open the incubator and turn the eggs cause that will let out the heat
So can someone tell me or show me how to use an egg auto turner for Emu eggs? I have a hovabator 1602N
Will that incubator do? I was looking at this but not sure if it would work? Please let me know if either ones will work? Here is a link to this one:
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If your incubator has a fan, then the hovabator should be fine. I hand turn my eggs, they are very large and unless you buy emu egg slots, no turner will fit them. Don't worry about opening the bator, it takes temp changes for a good bit of time to affect them. Hand turning is best anyhow for them. They should stay about 97 degrees at 33 percent humidity. I don't use the water chamber, I fill a plastic cup 1/2 way or less to keep the low humidity.

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opening your bator to hand turn also lets in plenty of fresh/new air for the eggs...as Emu eggs need plenty of oxygen, so I don't worry about opening my bator at all, and have never had a problem. In fact I open it 3 times a day to turn the eggs 180 degrees.

Do I set the eggs like I do chicken and peafowl pointy side down for 8-12 hours or just keep on the sides?
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Just received today Hova bator Genesis 1588. very nice unit,quite large,12V- which will be economical,includes thermostat. I will be setting some eggs soon

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